gabriela salazar

Sponsored by the Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) in partnership with the NYC DOT’s Urban Art Program.

Special thanks to the partners of Salazar + Rosselló Architecture, Ben Pimentel and Sunghwa Han at Rosenwasser/Grossman Consulting Engineers, Chad Stayrook and Gail Nathan at BRAC, Emily Colosacco and Kristin Svorinic at the DOT, Scott Chasse, Josh Dick, Julia Schwadron, George Terry, Brett Day Windham, Audra Wolowiec, Brian Balderston, Nicole Salazar, and Frankie and his Dad.

Additional support provided by Build It Green NYC (donated doors), a Deutsch Bank Americas Foundation's Arts & Enterprise Place-Based Revitalization Grant, and Durante Rentals (donated scissor lifts).