gabriela salazar

Light Box a group show at Life on Mars Gallery
December 12, 2014 - January 11, 2015

...In the project room: John Zinsser, Gabriela Salazar, Lauren Henkin and Richard Benari, whose painting, sculpture and photography references nothing but its own material values. This intimate exhibition takes its cue from a 2007 conversation between Zinsser and Studio International’s Cindi Di Marzo:

“I [start] from a position that is about trusting intuition, chance and process. I always put a faith in materials first - that paint has a kind of authority of its own. Paint has a unique power to assert tactile reality, pushing toward a larger visual and bodily response.”

Installed as if elements of a single composition, the works in this intimate exhibition take as their subject the raw stuff of seeing—light, surface, color and tone. They are, by turns, sumptuous, substantial, ephemeral and hard, and they remind us that, through seeing, we may enter a space that is beyond reason and words, a space reserved almost entirely for memory and sensation.